Mix HIGH protein crumbles with whole milo.


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May 1, 2009
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I've found that there is a large gap in protein percentages around here and the next highest over 22% I've found is 32% but it's something like $23 a bag. So my plan is to mix it with whole milo and bring it down to 28% or so and save some cost. Dose anyone know about what the protein percentage is for whole milo (multi-color sorgum)? I havn't been feed/ grain shopping much in the last few years because I havn't had any thing to feed but I'm thinking milo is something like $8.50 a bag so it would save me a bunch in cost. I have a book that tells the rough content of differnt feed stuffs, it's kind of hard to filter through, but I may dig it out tomarrow and look. I would go with corn but most of it around here is cracked and I'm going to be mixing it with high dollar pigeon feed too and they can't have cracked corn, or they don't reproduce (it tears up their crops and milk glands). I just got a place to keep birds again last week and I'm going bird shopping tomarrow or saturday and a freind/breeders farm. He dosn't have any quail so I won't be bringing any home (most likley pigeons or bantys) but I'm getting cot eggs from Quaillady sometime in the next couple months.
Well I did some more feed shopping yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find milo for 7.75 a bag and also found a 28% GB breeder grower for ~$13 a bag. I got out the old feed science and Livestock science books and did some figuring and to balance my of 28% from the 32%GBS and whole milo would still run me $19.50/ 50 lbs so, I'm going to try the 28% GB grower breeder on my cots and see how it dose. ETA: by bag I'm refering to 50lb bags.
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So I can figure rations, now I just need to learn how to post with less errors so it dosn't look like I'm always 3 sheets to the wind, lol. I swear I'm not I'm just ussually tired when I get on.

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