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Apr 20, 2019
Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia
I can offer these two 1920s pocket books which are around a century.

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I don't have a vol 2 yet.

And here's the old gentleman of all my books.

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It has tissue paper to protect the plates.

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I've probably got a few more coming up to their century, but nothing from the 1800s like RC.

That horse book is in very good nick MJ. Lovely plate too.

I've noticed that some books from the first half of the 20th Century don't appear to have publishing dates on them.

I have my Mum's copy of "Crowning the King" that she got when she was around seven years old. She was very fond of it but it had been pretty badly water damaged at some stage. I had it repaired and rebound for her. They did a lovely job of it but couldn't get the stains off the back pages where mold had grown. :(


You can see some of the water damage in the last photo. The Queen Mother was a handsome woman wasn't she?


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Nov 3, 2019
Northern New Jersey
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Not only long in the tooth but a book so influential it's still in print after... Doing my sum... 541 years! (Somebody better check my answer I haven't had tea yet).

The British library holds a first edition (predictably, but it's still nice that anyone can go and clap eyes on it).
Yes, quite amazing really!
I have a similar vintage Student's English Dictionary' and a 1905 Holy Bible, the latter given I think to my grandmother's sister (at least that is my guess from the inscription).

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