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Jan 1, 2016
Hershey, PA
Seriously though, I think her Wyandotte genes are obvious.

I'm thinking more Cochin than Brahma because of her impressive pantaloons.

Neither of these explain her crest. If she ends up laying blue eggs too, we can call her part Araucana. Green eggs, we'll say Easter egger. White eggs, Polish. Brown eggs... A BY Bob Special.
I like it!


Jul 31, 2018
Catalonia, Spain
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My Coop
Well, was it? ;)
Noooo, on this occasion I just wanted a caption.
I like putting captions or stories to the pictures I post. I look at what the chickens do and anthropomorphism takes over.
I see so much of them it's almost impossible to avoid. Some people are very much against it, particularly if it's some form of study. This is changing slowly in behavioural science. As further studies are done and more is established as probable one can't help believing on the evidence of the science and the observational evidence that we are more similar to the other species than has been previously acknowledged in most societies for thousands of years.
Humans have 'always' ascribed to themselves some special quality unrelated to what a rational person would call intelligence, should someone be smart enough to come up with a sensible definition.
I don't see myself as being any smarter than a chicken. I just have a different skill set and a higher degree of environmental complexity.:confused:
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