MMM, need sweet honey bread recipe


10 Years
Feb 23, 2009
I had bought some white bread in the Amish country store and it was so good. It was a white bread and it just melted in your mouth and it was sweet to boot. Anyone have a sweet bread recipe?
I make lots of bread, but I don't have a recipe I use. I just throw stuff in. If you have a favorite recipe and you want a sweet bread, just add some honey to it!

Some bread making tips:

1. Use instant yeast (as opposed to active dry) and add it right to the flour. When you mix your dough the liquid will activate it so there's no need to fuss with proofing it first.

2. Don't dump the salt right on the yeast, it will kill it. Mix one in with the flour, then the other.

3. Don't sweat the water temperature! The only issue is if the water is too hot. Most recipes call for warm water (90-110 degrees), but room temp works well also. Your bread will still rise, it will just take longer. I actually have a recipe that uses ICE water and immediately goes into the refrigerator to rise.

4. You want just enough water to make a dough that is tacky to the touch, but not sticky. Basically, when you touch it and pull your finger away, it will stick at first then pull away cleanly leaving no dough on your fingers.

5. For softer breads, add some fat to the dough. Milk, butter, oil, shortening, and leftover mashed potatoes all work well.

Happy baking!

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