Mom made us give away our rooster. :(


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Sep 1, 2009
College Station TX
It wasn't out of hatred but it was because we don't live in an area where a roosters are permitted. We dropped him off at the man's house and I know he's happy there. But not hearing him crow somehow makes me feel sick... like something is missing. Funny, after visiting his farm in makes me long for ''farm'' life because at the moment we live on almost 3 acres in a good, snobby (sorry, dare I said it) area. But this man had a peacock and a miniture donkey as well as 4 ducks and 3 chickens (before Canelo the rooster). Although I shouldn't even think about it I shudder at the thought of going off to college without a chicken.
I'm trying to write a LONG, well educated report on why we should move to a house with more acreage (10 or so acres). So if you have any advice/ tips that would be great. I guess I need someone to talk too about my issues with missing the sound of a rooster.
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Dec 16, 2008
As you will find out buying a new home is no small project and with more acreage comes higher taxes and just more expenses in every direction, its not just the initial payment of the property. That said what are you going to school for? is it agriculture? what do your parents do would moving to a larger homestead benefit them or only you? Once you know the answers to these you will know whether writing a report is worth it. if its not well you can always do that after school on your own, I am 34 and still don't have my farm but will soon

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THe report may not make a lot of headway in an actual move, but it is open communication with her parents, and that is ALWAYS a good thing. I know that they will appreciate hearing your thoughts, and just because they may not move to the acreage you want, it is a dream that you can hold for yourself. Roosters can really work their way into your heart. When you miss him, think of the good life he is leading now. And maybe you cn visit him from time to time--offer to help the man with his animal care chores--who knows you may find yourself a part-time job doing some pet sitting.


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Dec 6, 2009
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I know how you feel about the whole crowing thing. My bantam roo died a month ago (
I miss my baby!) and 2 days after I went out and got another, couldn't keep living without that screechy little cockadoodle.


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Jul 27, 2008
I like the sound of a rooster crowing too but we cant have one here either. Good luck with your report!


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Aug 12, 2009
My kids want a rooster and I worry about this same thing. I am with you on the moving thing.I have been working on my dh for years on how moving will be great.Sadly he is more interested in refinancing the current home than moving. For some people moving is such a task. I would move at any time,but I understand the expense and hassle.

Don't know if you would even want it,but you could add your rooster crow to your ring tone.I downloaded one from this site,and lol a few times my phone just started crowing in the store.One time I was looking at a book called Where do chicks come from!
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