Morning of Day 7 guinea eggs, a candle question of course!


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Apr 12, 2014
So I candled the guinea eggs for the first time today. I have 8 from my own birds. Two look like they are definitely growing bacteria rings. I also have a couple that look like they are clear and a couple that appear porous and a couple that MIGHT be ok . I don't see spider webs in the others but their shells are dark brown. They appear to have something floating in the but I wonder if maybe its just the yolk. What is the longest I can wait without them exploding. I will probably take the ones with rings out tonight. I looked at the egg pictures on this page
but the very last picture isn't so great. At day 7 should I just have spider webs if they were doing any good? I've been looking through some pictures online and I'm still not sure. Thanks!
Here are a couple pics. not sure they are worth posting. These two have bacteria rings correct? Then I have 2 that I am almost certain have veins at least, then the other 4 are something in between. Eggs are very dark and thick so I may need to let them grow some more.

I went ahead and tossed the two with rings last night. I have two I'm fairly certain are coming along ok. I will candle again at 14 days but continue to be on the look out for maypops in the mean time. The other four eggs are mysteries. I have a couple that appear probably clear but the shells and specks make it very difficult for this noob to tell. :D
Tossed one more blood ring today but I have confirmed at least 2 keets are growing! One of the other eggs still looks clear so I think it's a dud, the other is too dark to tell. I see a mass so I'm going to keep it in there unless it starts to weep.
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Well I'm down to 5 eggs. All of them appear to have less in them than pictures say there should be. I can see a definite outline on a couple and just a dark mass on the others. But none of them appear as full as this calendars day 14 appear to be. I'd say the ones I can make out a shape on are 1/3 full. Nothing is weeping and no blood ring so I just keep turning them. I left over the weekend however and the eggs did not get turn 1.5 days. They were supposed to but did not. hopefully that didn't finish the little buggers off. I keep forgetting guineas are 28 days not 21 so perhaps I am just early. :)

I should compare more to this calendar and be more patient. :) If anyone has anything to add feel free. Thanks!
Well next tuesday is day 28 so we start lock down pretty soon. I have 5 eggs remaining. Two appear to have stopped developing to me. (again just a noob so I dont know that for sure) One is pretty much pitch black. All I can see is the air cell. The other two are really dark eggs so I've never been able to tell much on those two but they are definite maybes. we will see in a few more days I guess!
There is one making some noise. Tonight is lock down at 10 pm. The rest appear to be doing nothing. They appear to have developed some and quit. They aren't weeping or anything so I'll leave them for now.
Assuming it makes it we are looking at 1 out of 8 from our own first year guinea eggs. Yesterday there was a little crack and today so far the keet has worked it into a plus sign. Lots of wiggling going on!

Well one keet hatched yesterday morning. He surprised me so I didn't have the paper towel in just yet. I was pretty positive the others had died so I went ahead and opened the lid and snuck it in there.

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