Mother Smoking Around Birds

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Nov 9, 2020
Northwestern MT, US
Hello, so we have chickens, ducks, and turkeys. So, the issue is that my mother smokes around a pack a day, nicotine. I’m extremely scared this hurts the birds when they breathe in the smoke and if it does, is there is a way to stop it from hurting them? My mother is addicted so I really can’t get her to slow down and she refuses to move down the road at all. The birds are technically my sister’s (she’s over 18 and does most of the chores involving them) so I can’t take them with me when I eventually move out. My mother smokes in our driveway, which is around 20 yards from where the coop is and where the birds hang around outside.
Thank you
I am a smoker, it has never effected my flock. But I dont stand in the coop smoking (I dont smoke near my coop or barn for fire hazard) long as your not in a room with the chickens, I dont think they will have a problem.

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