Mouth open and quick breaths?


5 Years
Sep 3, 2014
Long Island
Hello BYC family!

So today one of my girls somehow got locked into the house away from all of the other girls without food and water! I am not sure how long she was there... my husband was home until about 3 so I am assuming she was fine until after then. I got home at 6 and found her "trapped" so naturally I let her out. She ran over to the food and ate a bit, then drank. She seems to be breathing quickly and has her mouth open. Other than that she is completely normal eating, drinking, running around, etc. Is she dehydrated? What should I do?

Any advice would be great!

I am no expert, but I will second junebuggena, stress will make my girls do that sort of thing. keep an eye out but if it goes away by tomorrow I'd say you have nothing to worry about. I think if they are dehydrated though it can affect egg production so maybe don't freak out if her next egg is a little funny or late?
Thank you both for responding! I watched her closely over the next two hours (until the sun set) her beak was slowly closing a bit and her breathing returned to normal. Before she went to bed she was nose breathing again. All is back to normal <3 <3 Thank goodness. I was so worried about my girl! They are my little chicken children. Thank you again!!!

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