Moving a chicken coop?

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    Mar 18, 2013
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    Anyone have any advice on how to move a chicken coop? This coop is actually one of the original ones my family built like 40+ years ago, and it's been well maintained over the years. But it's just in an inconvenient spot, and I'd like to move it a bit across the yard, maybe 10 -15 feet. It's about 9x9 (just guessing here). Our yard is much different now that when it was originally built, and in it's current spot I can't do the run the way I'd like. It's resting on stone blocks on each corner.

    Here's an (old) photo where you can sort of see the size of it.

  2. tinah

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    Mar 10, 2013
    roll it on logs?
  3. oldrooster

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    perhaps rent a bobcat with skid forks on the front and move it into place after you have a new foundation set up you'd just have to shim it up if not square and tie it down. Also a tractor with forks on the back that farmers use to move round bales with? If you rent a bobcat perhaps you could rent additional attachments and knock out a lot of small but time consuming jobs in a weekend...

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