Muscovy drake soon to be single.


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Aug 11, 2016
kent UK
I have a yr old drake and his partner an Aylesbury female also a year old, we got them together at a few weeks .
Sadly the female is ill,struggling to stand/walk, falling over so cannot preen or even flap her wings. She is still eating well doesn't seem to be in any pain she is on metacam. We were advised if she is not improved by Friday which is tomorrow she should be put down :(.
I'm going to give her a few more days as she is not seemingly in pain, but I know in my heart she can't be happy so the day will come for her sake.
My problem is what to do about the drake?
They have always been together , we did introduce a 7 month female muscovy a few months ago to relieve the poor aylesbury from drakes attentions a bit. However she flew off after a few weeks, I don't like wing clipping if possible.
So when my lovely little girl is gone, what should I get him for company, was thinking 2 female aylesburys, or 2 'f' muscovys,?
Also what age should I get very young, or about his age ?
Feeling heartbroken about my girl but need to know what to do Re;Harry drake


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Jul 10, 2015
You should probably get two female Muscovies, although Aylesbury would be alright (I think) if you're not planning to breed. You will definitely have to clip the Muscovies if you don't want them to fly away. It's easy and it doesn't hurt them.

They should be mature ducks, or at least five months old. They don't have to be exactly as old as the drake. (You can't get young ones because the drake is likely to harass them. Muscovy drakes sometimes even kill ducklings.)


May 8, 2016
Alberta, Canada
Yes... A muscovy crossed with ANY other breed (the rest are Mallard-derived) creates a sterile mule duck. It can not lay, and will never fertilize eggs. It's sterile, like mules.

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