Muscovy Duck Eggs for Hatching

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    May 12, 2014
    HATCHING EGGS: Muscovy colors all shades will be mixed in ship.
    Muscovy hatching duck eggs.
    Price 20.00 for shipping for up to 16 eggs. cost me 16.00 for the postage and packaging. Eggs are 2.50 per egg with dozen minim. Total would be 50.00 dollars for a dozen and shipping.

    Will need your shipping address and email will send you a Pay pal account to make payment. Order will be shipped with in two to three days of order payment. Eggs will be freshly gather within a day to two days depending on how many you need and other orders being filled.

    Also most shipping will arrive within two to three days ship. I will provide you with a tracking number so you may keep up with your package as well.

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