My 3 month olds don't love me anymore...normal?


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Jun 28, 2020
Hellooo, I'm bummed because my pullets do NOT want me to hold or touch them for a few weeks now, and all I want is their goofy love. I read somewhere that they will chill out and become more affectionate once they start laying in the Spring. Is this common? Thanks and Happy Holidays!
PS Here is a pic of 3 of 8 - a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, a Buff Ameraucana, and an Ayam Cemani are shown, and we also have an Ayam Cemani cockerel, an Appenzeller Spitzhauben, a Black Copper Maran, a Whiting True Blue, a Splash Langshan (and a partridge in a pear tree)


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Eeek I know, Colonel Mustard is enormous and soooo funny and soooo funny looking with his/her scissor beak, I'm just hoping he/she turns out to be a huge lady.
This is Hedwig, our other beautiful boy that I can't bear to lose...


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My previously snuggly lap chickens are no longer as well. Turned into teenagers that just want to stay in their room and watch anime...Wait that's my 12 year old daughter, I think. 😂
My 5 month old polish pullets still want my attention though and fly up on my shoulder and preen my hair! They are sweet and not "normal" chickens.
Most of our 4 month olds are in the "middle feather" stage too right now. I remember it well from previous batches, all but a few settle down once they start laying. We had a Wyandotte that forever thought I was the devil, but most of them come back and want lap time once they start laying. The only chickens we have ever had that didn't have crazy teenage times was our super blue and mottled Houdan. They were very attached and snuggly thought it all. Very little eye rolling at them.
I was amazed when my pullets started laying, they got so much friendlier! I only had one who was friendly the whole way through, but when they started laying, or even as they got close, chickens who would scream constantly when I picked them up as chicks suddenly just came up to me and hung out and let me pick them up, I was really surprised.
So don't give up hope.
Something that happens "naturally" as chickens get bigger (at least for me) is that I find I handle them less and spend less time with them. But it's amazing how just hanging out with them, giving them treats, and not trying to force holding them can help them come around.

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