My adventure to the E.R last night....

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Jun 5, 2009
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Apparently my heart rate moderating meds need a little tweaking.

I started to feel funny around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. A little out of breath and I could feel flip-flopping in my chest. But no pain. So I laid down about 3 thinking it would settle down.

At 5:30 I got up and took my pulse. It was 140. At least I think it was 140, it was so fast that I couldnt catch all of the beats and it was skipping beats and doing all sorts of funky things.

I decided on my own to take an extra dose of Atenelol. Figured it couldnt hurt at this point. Get to ER and they hear HEART and immediately take me back. Within minutes, I have an IV, oxygen, blood drawn, an EKG and a bunch of wires that I am not even sure what they were for attached to me.

Heart rate is still 120. Then it starts bouncing around from 120 to 90 to 110 etc. Finally after an hour, it has settled to between 70 and 80.

All labs came back fine for non heart-attack related levels so they let me come home with a new dosage of atenelol.

Of course, all I could think about was....I hope the kids are doing the chores and feeding the

Hopefully the new meds do the trick...
Glad to hear you're okay. That must've been scary!

So, did your kids do their chores??

Glad you're feeling better. Funny how you remember the little things while you're distracted though.

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