My bantam silkie hatched some mystery babies with some crazy colors...


Dec 3, 2015
Hey, everyone! I'm new here, but have been raising a small flock for almost 6 years now. Up until this year, I would add five hens or so (usually to replace ones that predators snatched up), going for whatever fancy breeds I could find in the area. As you can imagine, at this point, my flock has gotten pretty diverse...whereas I used to be able to look at a young hatched chick and figure out its pedigree, that's getting a lot harder now!

This summer, my itty bitty bantam silkie Wings finally hatched a clutch of 5, and they're really pushing the boundaries on my knowledge of color genetics. I'm a huge genetics nerd, but I'm struggling to figure out what you'd even describe these guys as.

I included any chick pictures I could find, as well as some pictures I took this weekend (nevermind the dirty coop, that got cleaned out).

Caesar: (As a chick, far left: (5 months, middle:
Splash: (Chick: (5 months: - very small/delicate, nearly bantam sized
Frickasee: (3 months:,
Chimichanga: (3 months: (5 months: - between bantam and standard size; slightly larger than Tetrazzini
Tetrazzini: (Possibly him as a chick, they were all mostly black: (3 months: (5 months: - closer to bantam size

So, what color are these babies? If it helps, here are the possibilities:

Alfredo and Spiedie
(tortoiseshell Silkie x Barred Rock:
Blue (believed to be Old English Game x Delaware:, chest picture: *less likely

(her pedigree best explains: I believe she's blue and carries one silkie feathering gene. Here you can see her lighter fluff:
Patty and Omelette (Barred Rocks)
Wings (buff bantam Silkie:
Teriyaki (golden laced Wyandotte) *less likely
Parmesan (white Jersey Giant) *less likely
Sweet and Sour (buff Brahmas)
Chili and Taquito (mahogany brown Buckeyes) *less likely
Asiago and Cacciatore (silver laced Cochins. Asiago is likely, since she's crippled from an accident and could've chosen to lay on the floor where WIngs was nesting:

I don't doubt that some of them are Wings's own, especially with those enormous crests that couldn't have come from anywhere else...but most of them have me pretty stumped.

I believe Caesar is a cross between one of my Silkie Rock boys and Wings.
Frickasee's neck lacing says Cochin, but her daintiness and crest says Wings.
Tetrazzini is the biggest puzzle, but his foot feathers scream Cochin to me; my dad has been insisting he's Blue's.
Chimichanga and Splash could most likely only come from Cajun or Wings, since they're the only 2 I know of that carry silkie feathering genes (and if Splash is actually splash, Cajun and the Silkie Rock boys are the only ones I know that carry the blue gene).

Any help or wild guesses would be an enormous help! :) Thanks in advance.


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Well Hi! and

Oh I think Marvin ( nicalandia) would have fun with these! Marvin is a human genetic calculator, smile. Great with color genetics. look for him on BYC nick: nicalandia and ask him. here ya go:
Note Marvin is also a BYC Educator. It is a title only given by BYC Staff, not by member nomination, to those among us who are experts in their field(s) of knowledge.
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Dec 3, 2015
I see he hasn't been active in about 6 months, but shot him a message anyway. I'm a human genetic calculator when it comes to horses, so I'd love to learn his ways! Thanks for the tip. :)

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