My chicken got kidnapped by a lab; I got her back but now she's limping!


5 Years
Jul 2, 2014
Here's some background:
I'm a very new chicken owner! (We own Buff Laced Polish chickens)

I have five young chickens, two of them are barely 3 months old and the other three are 2 weeks-possibly 3 weeks (our hen hatched them). And 4 older chickens (one rooster).

One of the three month olds is the one that I'm extremely worried about right now .. I'm usually not at home for most of the day because of school so I came home and my dad told me a lab had jumped over our side gate and snatched one of our chickens. So basically I started crying for the 2nd time that week because just a few days before, these two chickens' crippled sibling got killed by a baby Yorkie. I really hate leaving them outside in our yard because it isn't fenced, but my dad kept telling me before it was completely fine to leave them outside of the coop. So of course I can't tell it to him straight and refuse .. Even though I should have.

***On to the main problem! So my chicken that got snatched by a lab was found by the labs owner in her cats mouth and she found our house and returned my beautiful little baby and I was extremely happy! But there is something really wrong with her leg now and I'm worried that walking around will injure it permanently. So it's her left leg and she limos around with it. She doesn't curl her toes on that leg and she kind of yelps a little when she moves- she follows her sibling everywhere and our coop has two "floors" so she moves up and down a lot. She can't perch since she doesn't curl her toes and she trips over herself a lot - I see her standing with her feet ontop of each other a lot now, and when she isn't standing because I assume it's painful, she's laying down. So now she spends majority of the day sitting in the same spot with her wings drooped and touching the floor for balance. Please HELP. I love these chickens so much!
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Sorry to hear about your chickens. You could catch her to see if her leg is broken or her muscle is teared. There isn't too much you can really do other than separate her until it gets a bit better if the muscle is teared. If her leg is broken, let me know which bone it is so I can help you farther.( P.s You may want to edit out your age in your post because it is against the rules for a minor to post their age).
Haha thank you XD um but how can I tell whether it's a torn muscle or broken? I have picked her up a few times from the sides and she reacts just like she did before getting taken by the lab :(
If the muscle it torn there will be a large gash in their skin and breaking through the muscle. If the bone is broken, you will be able to feel part of the leg moving in a spot that t didn't before or if you move the leg up and down, it wont react in the same way the non-broken leg would. Hope that helps.
As far as I can see, there is no gash and I can't feel any abnormalities.. Her leg is perfectly normal looking, so is it possibly the part above where the leg stops but below her belly? Thank you so much! :)
Sorry for replying so late. How's she doing? If her femur was broken (thigh bone) her whole leg would be completely immobile meaning she would just drag it along the ground. It might just be sprained, which you'll just have to let it heal on its own. One of her tendons may be broken as well, but if that is the case you wouldn't be able to help her.

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