My chicken laid a white egg

Delta2 23

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Sep 4, 2008
Normally she lays nice brown ones with speckles but today we got a stark white one from her. Any reasons?
May be she's getting close to a molt? They start to lose pigment in their skin, and will their eggs will start to fade too. Maybe that is all it is.
One of my barred rocks did that awhile back. She was just finishing up a molt and hasn't done it since so I just chalked it up to a glitch in the system. No health problems or anything with her so I wouldn't worry too much about it.
My red sexlink did this once - the two on the right are hers:

What happened was she laid 2 eggs that day, one in the morning and one at night. It was just a glitch. She hasn't pulled that trick since then, and her eggs have only gotten darker!
The dark speckled egg in this pic is ALSO hers!

Never know what you might get
My buff orpington just did this yesterday. I was worried but am relieved to hear others say it's no big deal.

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