My fears came true...coccidiosis AGAIN!!!! How to know when to treat?

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by Amandakae, Feb 18, 2017.

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    Feb 12, 2015
    Hi, last year was my first time raising meat chicks. I lost half of my chicks to an outbreak of coccidiosis. I changed things this year, but I just found a good bit of blood in their stools and noticed that their combs are pale. They are still eating and drinking normally, so should I just go ahead and put the coccidiostat in their water now? What if they are fighting it and could win, since they are being fed purina start and grow medicated. Unfortunately their waterer (gravity fed nipples run through pvc) are leaking, and I have not figured out how to get it to stop, so I have feeders lined up under it to catch the water, but some of the bedding still gets wet. I am going to get all new bedding today to completely dry out their coop. I was feeding them free choice (they are 2 weeks old now), but I noticed that they were not as active as I would like, so I cut it down to just three times a day so that they would be hungry when it was feeding time. Their activity has gone up, but now I am seeing signs of coccidiosis, which is really bad because if they are hungry they can eat the poo all around...???? Ahh! Should I lower the protein by mixing in a different feed, so that I can still feed them free choice and they don't grow too fast???
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    You need to go to your local feed store and get them some Corid immediantly!!! Until you can get there be giving them electrolytes.

    Corid dosage are on the link below

    As for the nipple waterers did you seal them with anything? Is your water pressure to high?

    Also if you have other birds you need to be giving them a preventative dose just to make sure.

    I would not be worried about the feed right now.

    I went through Corid 1 month ago it was horrible. I lost 2 easter eggers, a silkie, and 1 $80 show Cochin. I was able to catch it fast and administer corid soon enough to make sure no one else contracted it.

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