MY FIRST EGG!!! Share your pics!


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5 Years
Mar 24, 2014
I bought my two Rhode Island Reds fully grown, born last July. I knew they were both currently laying (so the seller told me), and as proof, one laid an egg during transport. But it had been three weeks at their new home and they had not laid anything. I was trying to be patient, but I was very anxious to get my first egg. And finally here it is! I was so excited that I practically pranced into the house to show off the prize. My hubs and kids laughed at me and my joyous exuberance of course, as they should because I'm sure I looked pretty ridiculous. I was so proud, you would have thought I laid the egg myself, haha!
I know it's small (the eggs it is next to are commercial extra large), but look how clean and perfectly shaped it is! I didn't wash it, and the subsequent eggs that I have gotten have been just as clean.

Wanted to share pictures and would like to see pics of any eggs YOU are proud of!


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