My Fuzzy Butts are here! Pics


8 Years
May 23, 2011
South Western WI
Well, after the very first ordering and chicken experiance kind of gave me a heart attack and I was so worried for my babies... here they are! 3 RIR and 3 Golden Buff. All should be pullets.

IMG_2116 by mgdk05, on Flickr

IMG_2117 by mgdk05, on Flickr

IMG_2118 by mgdk05, on Flickr

IMG_2115 by mgdk05, on Flickr

Next week I have 2 White Crested Blue Polish, 2 Silver Spangled Hamburg, and 2 Buff Laced Polish coming from Meyer, as well as picking up 2 local chicks tomorrow... and thus starts my chicken math!
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AWW I was so excited when I got mine too! Ya know. I just had a shocking revelation, I am not really good at math, but chicken math makes sense to me! So technically right now, I don't have any chickens.
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-scratches head-

Am I going blind, or is your camera just off? The chickies are looking grey to me, not red.

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