My Hen Is Gasping For Air!!! Please Help!!!


8 Years
May 28, 2011
I bought my first pair of chickens this april. They are Sussex Speckled Bantams. I have one hen and one rooster. They are not my chickens and they were shipping in the post office from Ohio. And they were only in shipping for a day. They are in quarantine in a garage full of cages but they are the only chickens in the garage. They get fresh water and Starter Grower (they have been on it since I got them) everyday. The rooster ISN'T sick and is perfectly healthy. The hen IS sick. She has her mouth wide open gasping for air all the time! There is NOTHING down her throat and she doesn't choke on the food and water when she eats. She ISN'T bleed from her nose or butt. There isn't any snot from her nose. She HASN'T lost any weight and she is still drinking and eating. Her poop is little and runny and white. I tried using Neomycin and then Sulmet in there water in two different attempts. After I gave them fresh water and fresh food with sprinkles of microbial feed pack (to rebuild her system). I cleaned there cage and put new shavings in with fresh water and feed. And JUST AS A TREAT! I am trying cracked corn and grower grit in just a little pile (just in case there is something in her throat). Any suggestions would help! I have tried everything and I am losing hope! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!
only thing i would think that might work is VET RX
for chickens tractor supply should have some it works well i use in cases like this and it works. it is hard to tell with chickens what could be wrong sound like you did every thing i would do . but to me she could have some kind of respitory thing the vet rx is good for that give 2-3 drop orally i have also used it in a wet mash if need to help things out
hope all goes well
I'm going to suggest some electrolytes, shipping stress can stress and weaken her system a lot. Also make sure she has chick grit incase she swallows some shavings, it will help break it down in her crop for her. Other then that... if she seems to weaken in the next day or 2, she could require a vet. I don't think she'd pick up anything in shipping that suggests an infection.
I know I'm new here but it sounds like the same thing my hens had a week or two ago. It sounds worse at night. Mine also lost weight even though they were eating. The guy I got them from said to inject them with .05 CC of LA 200. The duramycin wasn't working with mine. All three are better now. It worked is all I can say. Now if they would just lay some eggs!
So I tried using the wormer and there is no sign of her getting better. I had a friend come and look at her and he said that he thinks it is CRD. So my question is what do i do to treat her? Vaccinate? Antibiotics? Any suggestions will help thanks!
If it was worms the bird would most likely be losing weight, even if she is eating. If she was to the stage of gasping from worms it would be to late. There are so many causes of respiratory failure on birds and usually when the symptoms become apparent it is often to late. With this heat birds with a weak heart will gasp for air and usually die no matter what you do. You can tell if it is a heart attack by examining the heart if she expires, the heart will be black or partially black if it is a heart attack. If it is a respiratory disease most likely you will need to use a injection antibiotic.

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