My other bird passion (picture heavy)

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    Working for a wildlife rehab centre allows me the distinct pleasure of working with some amazing birds. Primarily my job is raising the hundreds of ducklings that are admitted but sometimes my job involves the raptors. This handsome fellow is Joe the Barn Owl. He is a captive bred bird who we use in some of our education presentations. This past week we had two early morning presentations to some Kindergarten classes and rather than drive early in the morning to Joe's caretaker to collect him, Joe had a sleepover at my house. He is free to fly about the house and couldn't care less about the dog and the cat. Now....the lovebird....that's a different story! He was sitting quietly on the couch with my daughter in the evening and suddenly heard the cat water fountain. It was quite funny to watch him first drink from it and then later try to bathe in it. I brought in one of the duck bowls later so he could have a proper bath which made a lovely mess of the floor.
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    I just love the raptor birds but can only hear them here on our 5 acres, never get to see them up close. I am lucky in that there is a bald eagle pairs that will fly over the house/yard area from time to time. What a handsome fella! Our inside bird is an African Grey that is a never ending source of fun [​IMG]
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    Thanks for sharing,cute pictures.
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    how pretty! [​IMG]
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    My favorite animal is the Barn Owl. Those are some amazing pictures.
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    May 11, 2010
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    Very cool!!! [​IMG]
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    How amazing it must be to get so close to one!
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    How cool!

    I wanted to do wildlife rehab work, but I have allergies and, unfortunately, they don't separate the birds from the mammals that I am allergic to at my local wildlife agency. So, if I want to work only with birds, I have to also work with the mammals. But, they said I can work the hotline if I want to for my volunteer credits. I am still thinking about it.

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