my rooster is hurt


5 Years
Mar 3, 2014
i think my rooster may have been a fight with a squirrel or something noticed hes bleeding from his chest not gushing but it looks like it hurt he wont let me touch him at all what to do?


In the Brooder
5 Years
Apr 15, 2014
If at all possible I would try to catch him...I know how hard this catching a rooster can be though and you don't want to add any additional stress. If he is not gushing blood, limping, and by all means acting normal keep him in a clean area and keep an eye on him. Chickens (from my experience only) seem to be pretty hardy. We had a horrible start to the year.... our hen "Mrs. Perfect" was nicked by a person driving a truck (intentionally running down our flock, one is deceased because of this) and then a few months later she was attacked by a stray dog. Both times she recovered well, although, the second time we had the vet come out and stitched her up. We also brought her to live inside for about 4 weeks to recover. We have since put up electric wire around the property...keeps everyone in and all the unwelcome out!! I hope your rooster recovers well, if he seems to be lethargic and "out of sorts" tomorrow I would urge you at least call a vet and get their input!!
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