My silkie is sad :( Cage mate died and I NEED HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by speakup4kids, Jul 6, 2010.

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    Apr 3, 2010
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    Yesterday morning I woke up to discover that my tiny Serama had died. I wasn't too surprised because this was the little girl I had been trying so hard to get weight on and she had just barely hit 2 ounces at 11 weeks. But I was still heartbroken, along with my girls who were really attached. I guess it was probably a good thing that yesterday was also the day we were to go pick up my daughter's ONE silkie. Somehow, we ended up with SIX!! (darn chicken math) Anyway, our sadness appears to be nothing compared to my older silkie who was in the cage with the serama that died. He has not stopped "chatting" since yesterday. I feel bad for him because my other three chicks (11 weeks) peck at him when I put him in the coop and he just runs to the corner and hides while he makes that awful scared noise. Soooo, here's my question, one of the chicks I got yesterday is older and bigger than the rest. It is a smooth feather sizzle and is probably 4-5 weeks or so. My silkie is about 8 weeks. Could I put the new one in with my silkie and seperate a part of the coop for them to protect them from the other birds for a while? I feel bad having the silkie in the garage in a dog kennel and I have to think of something... HELP!!

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    That's what I would do. Just try and see if they take to each other. I've given lone young cockerels a mate about the same age so they would be so lonely and can grow out together.
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    Poor baby. Hope the new mate will make him happier. [​IMG]

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