My young pullet has a hurt leg. Help!


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Mar 21, 2014
My young red sex link pullet (about 5 weeks old) has a hurt leg. I was with her and three others teaching them how to use their new water dispenser when she started to lay down consistently. I noticed when she walked, she kept her right leg up. I didn't see her hit anything to the extent of causing serious injury. Could it be a really bad cramp and it'll pass? Or does it have to be amputated? I don't want to kill her since she's my favorite and most docile bird in my little flock of six. I can't take her to a vet, my father forbid me to. If it has to be amputated, can I do it myself? Or do I have to put it a restraint on her leg so it can heal? Please! I want to save her from pain and give her a good life. I'm not ready to lose her just yet..

Another thing: She let's me play with her hurt foot, she doesn't make any noises, she just pushes on my hand with her beak very gently. She just can't put any of her body weight on it..
I had that happen to my gold star. I would definitely not try to amputate it. Put her in a small pen/cage where she can't move to much ( a little stretch room though) to see if it heals - my gold star, (Crumpet, RIP) landed wrong when she flew and badly sprained it. I confined her for a a couple weeks so that she couldn't move it to much so it would heal. (A 3'x3' "infirmary" with shavings and a low roost I believe.) I gave her a couple tablespoons of blueberries to help with any pain. I took her out for a little exercise once a week and to see how she was healing. She always had a slight limp, though. She was the sweetest chicken ever.
I just though amputation because I know chickens can live on one leg. So blueberries will help with pain? I'll get her in a box as soon as I can and i'll keep an eye on her. She's so sweet, I just don't want to lose such a wonderful chick. I really hope this helps..
Yes, blueberries will help with muscle pain. I don't think she would die of this - she just might not have a very happy life if it doesn't heal. I don't think it is anything to worry to much about.
I agree with Chicks Galore. I would separate the pullet; put her in a cage. Let her out for a little while every day to see how she's healing up. Maybe try to put some electrolytes (Gatorade) in her water. It doesn't sound like she's broken it, maybe sprained it slightly. Don't worry about it. Just let her rest. Good luck!
Oh yes, electrolytes! I don't know what I'd do without the stuff...its easy to toss some in the water when the are stressed or hot or need a little extra boost. It's like gatorade for chickens!
Hey guys!! Just wanted to let you know that my little red sex link is much better. She just has a slight limp every now and again. :)

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