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    Jun 10, 2012
    I have two chickens, one hen and one rooster. When I got them I also got one other hen who was diagnosed the same week I got her with wet pox and eventually passed away because of it. All chicks were put on antibiotics incase they came down with pox to avoid secondary infections. The other hen, which I still have, looked to maybe have a slight bit of nasal discharge...slight.

    Several months back I noticed that my rooster had some bubbles in the corner of his eye. I started freaking because I had heard of Mycoplasma and knew that it wasn't good and that bubbles in the eye were associated with it. However, the next day I went out to the coop and all signs of eye bubbles were gone and haven't been back since. Fast forward...three weeks ago I switched the rooster and hen to a larger coop. I bought three chicks which are in a brooder indoors for now. Then I heard two sneezes from my rooster but not a peep since. All along not one symptom from my hen. Does this sound like Mycoplasma?
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