Mystery wound (pictures) please help!


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Sep 28, 2014
Hi everyone,

A couple of days ago I discovered my beautiful hen has a bald patch and dark red wound (it is not open, seems to be like a scab) under her left breast. It took me a while to find out because it was so well hidden. I feel that it started off small, but was made far worse by her constant scratching (with her left foot) and pecking.

After reading forums online, this is what I did: Washed the area with water, then a warm Iodine/water solution (using Betadine). Then I bought a 0000 baby tank top to stop her from reaching the area. PS: We don't have neosporin in Australia, any suggested alternatives?

We've continued this treatment for the last two days.

I also bought yoghurt to mix with her pellets, apparently the probiotics help with healing and general health. Do you guys have any more advice? She's not eating as much as usual.

What do you think the cause is? We checked for lice and mites (definitely none involved), she has also not been pecked by her sister because they are very good friends in that regard. It's so strange :(


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Yeah... ahh I can't think of anything, they are in a completely enclosed run (mesh roof included!) and we lock them up at night in their little house. Unless something small got in, I really can't think of anything that would hurt her.
Is there any loose wire, sharp wood, or tin lying around that she could have cut herself on?

Maybe it's an injury, rather than an attack?


She could of hurt herself on the chicken wire fencing? Flew into a barb or something... Do you think I'm doing everything right for treating her? Thanks :)
Does she roost, or does she spend a lot of time on a roost or lying on her breast on the ground during the day time? Breast blisters can occur with chickens that lie on the ground or on a roost for most of the day. Sometimes there can be an underlying illness that causes lameness where this would be common, but I once had a subordinate rooster in a bachelor pen who stayed on his roost day and night who developed a breast blister. These blisters can scab over, and also become abscessed with staph or strep bacteria.
She does not roost or brood (except at night) either :( maybe it is an underlying illness. @Eggcessive how did you treat yours?
Since my guy was being bullied, I let them out of their batchelor pen, and gave away the most dominant rooster. The scab eventually healed when I cleaned it with betadine a couple of times, andhe was let loose to free range with the whole flock again. An illness that can cause breast blisters is mycoplasma synoviae or MS, which is a respiratory illness that can cause leg and foot joint swelling as well as lameness. The scratching can cause a staph or strep infection.
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Thanks @Eggcessive - I have my fingers crossed that it's just a pecking wound or something. There haven't been any other symptoms of MS, and the wound appears to be more of a closed scab than a blister. Poor baby, I am at work today - hope she manages alright.
I just spent the night cuddling and stroking her. Her health had declined so much, she didn't want to drink any water, but she really enjoyed the yoghurt I gave her. I'm so upset because I don't think she'll make it :( She was gasping for air all night - more insight into her mystery illness, I have no idea what It could be :(

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