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  1. kelidei

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    Do you name all your chicks? How do you choose names? Just curious. Of my six silkies only one has a name so far Bitsy... because s/he is a runt compared to the others... BUT has a HUGE personality... since I don't know if they are boys or girls yet it is kind of hard to come up with the others... I guess I will just keep observing until I get inspired. Of my laying flock only the ones that stand out are named--- all the other ones are called Mama or Mommy.[​IMG]

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    I'm big on themes. I call my girls as The Spice Girls - Ginger, Coco, Poppy and Pumpkin.

    Names do come if you give them time. We've started calling Ginger, Love Bug because she's as sweet as apple pie. If you don't pick her up, she'll hop into your lap. And if you are kneeling down, she'll hop onto your back and walk up to stand on your shoulder.

    Poppy would have earned the name Peckers. She's a biter.

    I would take your time. You want something that makes sense and will stick.
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    Ya know that list you had of all the baby names your spouse rejected when you were having kids? Now is the time to use them! Conversely, if you don't have kids but plan to in the future, best stay far away from "human" names just in case your spouse really wants to name your firstborn "Talulahbelle," "Apple," "Enzo," "Zowie" or "Moon Unit."
  4. acid_chipmunk

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    Mar 29, 2010
    All of our roos are named, but not all of the girls. The roos are all named so we can put the right initial on the eggs for hatching. The girls aren't all named because I have 3 frizzled BL polish that we can't tell apart. Those are the only ones without names, unless you count the ones in the gorw-out pens. They get named once we decide to keep them.
  5. ARose4Heaven

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    I name dogs...part of the family.
    I name we know which one we are talking about when the dogs actually catch one.
    I let the chickens name themselves.

    Out of 54 hens, only 1 has a name. "Greenie", a red sex-link, named herself when she "helped" me paint the coop floor. All the BO's get called "Buffy", everybody else is called "Chickie-Doodles".

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  6. calicokat

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    I'm bad about naming my gals - the family thinks I'm nuts!

    I usually name them as a group if they came as a group - so Ginger & MaryAnn the production girls; Millie and Mable the stately EE ladies. Hazel was all by herself, so just her.

    Then somehow, I got on a "Belle" kick for the Polish girls - there's Annabelle (and she came with Isabelle who is gone), we added Bluebelle (a WCBlue), Hersheybelle (WC Chocolate) & Cukoobelle (see the trend, a WC cukoo) - but then the last two missed the belle thing altogether - one is Pylliss Diller (don't all Frizzle flocks have one??) and Pretty girl, cause, she had a name, but we kept calling her pretty girl because her body type is so nice and her poof just right - and she only answers to that now! Silly us! The Polish roo is to be Sherman - that was Phylliss Dillar's husband, although she referred to Fang in her act. Our Roo seems more like a Sherman, and less like a Fang.
  7. axion_lotus

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    In the past I've always named my birds after weather signs and storms, video game and book characters. If you read or play a lot of games, there are some really nice names that come from those. My bravest rooster was named Leon from the Resident Evil series, and my feisty hen was named Katrina (I know, that's horrible, but I swear it suited her!).

    But since chickens aren't very serious characters, usually...try not to take naming them extremely seriously. Let loose, have fun with it and the whole naming thing will come to you naturally the more you get to know your flock. ^_^

  8. Hillary and friend's eggs

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    Feb 9, 2010
    These are/were my chickens' names:

    Sunshine-White Leghorn (one of my first 2 chickens, died as a chick from drowning)

    Acorn-Rhode Island Red (one of my first 2 chickens, died as a chick from drowning)

    Hillary-White leghorn (Hillary was the queen of the coop and "Hillary and Friends' Eggs" was the words on the stamp that I put on my egg cartons. Hillary was one of the hens I got in exchange for the roosters I ended up with. Hillary recently died from a predator attack.)

    Midnight-Black Australorp (one of the two hens I got in exchange for the 2 roos ended up with. Midnight recently died from a predator attack.)

    Easter-You guessed it, EE! (Easter recently died from a predator attack)

    Alfred-White Leghorn (Alfred, Robert, and Easter were bought together as "Layers" but only Easter turned out to be a hen. Traded Alfred ((the original "Hillary")) and Robert ((The original "Rose")) for Midnight and the real Hillary.)

    Robert-Rhode Island Red (originally sold to me as a "layer," Robert had to be traded in for the quieter Australorp Midnight.)

    Beatrice-Light Brahma (One of the 2 chickens that I have left that wasn't a roo or didn't die from the recent predator attack. Rover, my dog, was their hero! He scared away the beast before it could kill them!)

    Pumpkin-Buff Orpington (The other of the 2 surviving chickens that I still have)

    Rose-Rhode Island Red (the 2nd of my chickens to be named Rose, seeing as the first to get that name was a roo. Rose also recently died from a predator attack.)

    Well those are the birdies I've had! [​IMG] Some of mine were named for the color eggs they lay(ed) (Easter), some were named for color (pumpkin, midnight, and rose), and some were given very ladylike (or gentlemanly in the roosters' case) human names. [​IMG]

    Naming your chickens is based on names or types of names that you like, and especially names that fit a chicken's personality or appearance. I personally don't have any named by personality, due to the fact that mine are all named as soon as I get them. At that time I know little about them. If you want a really good personality name, however, it is good to wait maybe a month and get to know them before you name them.

    As soon as I get a brand new, secure coop, I will be able to get more b chickies! [​IMG] [​IMG] Wish me luck against predators! Hope this helps! [​IMG]
  9. papschmitty

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    Dec 21, 2010
    Our first-ever chicks are incubating right now. [​IMG] I'm going with old school names. We're only getting 4 but the short list includes


    My 4 year old daughter is insisting that hers will be named Princess and my 2 year old son's will be named Queen. [​IMG]
  10. Baralak

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    Yep.. all 21 of my chickens have names...

    My 4 seramas, Roo Truffles, pullets, Lil' Coco, Happy Feet, and Tinkerbell
    My SS's Slobbers and Edna
    BO- Miss Buffington
    BR's - Midnight and Chuckles
    EE - Roo -- Loudmouth, No Name Ethel, and Sophie
    My Mixes..
    Cockrels.. Sunshine (big and white), Sneakers, and Popcorn
    Pullets.. Butters, Darlin, Jasper (sorry ended up a pullet), Toffee, Pepper, Doodle Bug

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