Narrow coop, ladder to steep...idea?


8 Years
May 6, 2011
I'd like to add a ladder to the roost, but am having trouble figuring it out. My coop is 4x8 with the roost along the back 8' wall. The roost is 3' and about 6-8" out from the wall. Obviously the ladder would be crazy steep to go from ground to 3' in less that four feet.

Any ideas? Honestly, I ow they don't really need it and may not even use it. Not sure why I feel compelled to provide one, guess because I see all the roost ladders on here. Ha.
We have old wooden ladders in our coops for them to roost on, some go up so they can go to the top to the roost and some we have just leaned up against the wall. They use the ladders alot.
My coop dimensions are about the same ratio. I run the roosts along the smaller dimension in tiers. The roosts form a ladder.
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Thanks all. I don't want to reconfigure the actual roost, it's working well where it is beside the ladder issue. The straw bale idea may be the waybto go. Right now I have an upside-down rubbermaid container in there.
Agreed. 3 ft out to 3 ft high is only 45 degrees. Below is a ladder at 50 degrees.

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Hasn't thought of an open one like that egghead_jr, that looks like it would work better in steep situations.

I wonder how it would work butting right up against a wall on the bottom though. Seems like it would almost too much trouble for the to use.
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