Natural laxative for a dog??


Queen Of Clueless
11 Years
Jul 27, 2008
Okay, this is an odd question. I have TOLD my daughter not to give her dog too many treats because it binds him up and then it takes forever for him to "go". Its happened three times over the years we have had him.

What is a good natural laxative for a dog?
When my dog was a pup he had trouble pooping sometimes and someone recommended canned pumpkin (pure) and it seemed to work very well. This also firms the poop if it is a bit runny.
My Lab eats wood - ANY kind of wood! So he gets Metamucil and mineral oil 3 times a week now. (Almost died last month from intestinal blockage.)

Tell your daughter that to really love your dog means saying no as well as yes!
Canned pumpkin won't usually give them the runs either, it is quite amazing. That and ours all love the taste of it, we can just stir it into their food.

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