Need advice on pinless peepers!


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Dec 11, 2009
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I'm at my wits end with my EE Flora. She's been a feather picker from the beginning, and I've tried everything to stop this behavior - canned tuna and extra protein feed, pick-no-more on her victims. Nothing has worked, and it's even getting worse. The bare backs are increasing in both size and number. Of course, Flora has perfect plumage.

I've decided to try pinless peepers, but Randall Burkey charges twice as much in shipping as the product costs. Does anyone know a place where they can be purchased that won't try to extort an arm and a leg in shipping?
I have 10 laying hens that look like they have been at war for years. They look terrible. But they lay eggs like crazy. I tried to stop them from pecking their feathers forever. I tried all the gimmicks but nothing worked. They just pick feathers no blood shed. So, I finally gave up. I have a full box's of peepers & every other lotion you can dream of. AS long as they lay eggs & don't kill each other I'm gonna leave them alone. Here they are with the peepers on. LOL I'v
e heard they work on some chickens but not mine .

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