need an expert eye for these peachicks please...


6 Years
Aug 19, 2013
I have a person wanting a male peachick to go with her hen also this year's hatch. Mine were hatched beginning of Aug. but not good at sexing them. One is a week younger than the other 2 but all are starting to green out on the neck. I remember someone saying that male bars are "blocky"
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the new pictures. I do not know which is of which but they are of all 3 of my hatchlings.

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Hard to make out details with these photos so here is an example

Male notice all the barring

female she is loosing her barring and becoming solid
There are actually 3 different birds, the one on the roost being the smallest but I guess nature has a way of balancing out as lasts years hatch of 3 turned out to be 3 males LOL!
Thanks everyone, it was kind of what I was thinking. I will try to get better detail. Hard to get good quality with a phone camera.
I reposted several new pictures above to see if everyone concurs with them all being hens. THANKS!
Still looks like all hens and it also looks like they have almost lost all of their barring. I only see one black band on the tip of each brown wing feather so they are disappearing.

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