Need guidance regarding fighting my rooster's battles for him

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    Dec 15, 2011
    A few weeks ago we moved to a new house and brought our five, black sex-link laying hens with us. We got them at about 6 weeks old and they've just started laying around the time that we moved so we've been enjoying the new rituals each day. Since we moved, our neighbor's rooster (not sure of the breed) is completely enamored with our hens and spends nearly all day trying to get to them. At first, we weren't super vigilant about scaring him off every time he came over so when we introduced our new Rhode Island Red to the flock two days ago, the neighbor's hasn't exactly gotten the point.

    We've never had a rooster before so we're learning about their behaviors but it's in my and my neighbor's best interest to keep the roosters separated so neither gets hurt. Truth be told, mine would be the one hurt because he's a lot smaller than the neighbor's. Another factor is that we live in Costa Rica where it's completely out of the question to 1. enclose your chickens (which is great) but also 2. expect your neighbor to do something about his rooster. So, my issue has become that my rooster is afraid of the bigger guy and does nothing but get out of the way if he comes over (which he does...repeatedly). It's come down to ME chasing off the neighbor's rooster, repeatedly. Am I ruining my hens' impression of their rooster by being the "alpha male" and chasing off the other guy? Will the neighbor's rooster eventually get it? Will my new rooster eventually start defending his hens?

    Thanks in advance for any insight!
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    Use the waterhose to spray the neighbor's rooster when he goes in your yard. He should learn after a few soakings. This is how mine were taught to stay on their side of the fence. I also did it to my neighbor's roosters.

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