Need help making a decision ... wound and maggots

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    Hello all,

    Please don't think I'm asking this lightly, and if you think badly of me for having to ask the question, I'd rather you just don't reply. [​IMG]

    One of my red sex-links disappeared a while back, and she has been setting on eggs. She came back today. Poor girl ... I don't know exactly what's happening with her. I thought she had a very large area of poop on her back end. There is a lot of poo, but also it smells like rotten meat. I think she has a large open infected area, mixed with lots of poo (it almost looks like her insides are partly out), and there are little bugs, and maggots on her. It's very sad, and she's lethargic and her feathers overall don't look good.

    My situation is this ... I can't spend a huge amount on vet bills for her. I'm going through a particularly busy time right now ... I have a newly hatched brood of 15 in the house, along with today's hatch of 3 so far, 2 brand new kittens with health issues, and I'm transitioning my older 7 chicks into the group, as well as trying to keep the peace between my geese and my escape-artist drake who wants to chase them, and I have a cat with an injury that just got back from surgery and another cat I've had for 10 years that disappeared that I need to keep looking for ... and a LOT of stuff going on in my life besides the animals.

    I need to be able to make the right decision here. On the one hand, I want to say I'd do whatever it takes to restore her to health. However, I am stretched almost beyond my limits caring for "special needs" animals at the moment. I don't know if I can reasonably give her the care she will require if what I read about the duck is any indication ... I won't be able to spend hours a day on this without neglecting everyone else. And all the others depend on me too ... I can't compromise their care.

    Also ... I am trying to decide if she might be in too much pain to continue, or if the chance of her recovering is too low. It looks like part of her insides are out. (though not very much). Birds are very good at hiding such things, so it's hard to tell. She is lethargic, that's all I can tell.

    At the same time, I REALLY don't want to endanger everyone else. I have chicks of various ages, as well as my grown chickens, my ducks, and my geese. The kittens are inside, but their immune systems are compromised.

    I would appreciate any input. I'm not sure if you guys can realistically tell me what to do, but I would appreciate voices of some experience.

    Thanks all ...

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    There was a thread on here recently about the care and recovery? of such a chicken in the same dilemma.

    However I will not judge you if you choose to go the other route.

    Sometimes tough decisions do need to be made and I for one understand this. Good Luck [​IMG]

    Dont be too hard on yourself if you choose this [​IMG]

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    Before you decide whether to put her down or try to save her, can you do a quick washup of the affected area and see exactly what you are dealing with?

    Chickens can heal quite nicely from some pretty major injuries, but on the other hand if she has a prolapse where there is an infestation of flies, etc then that may be too much of a long shot for complete recovery without relapse...

    If the wound looks pretty OK once it is washed up, it may be that some general antibiotics in the water, some probiotics/yogurt, good high protein food and a quiet, cool and fly free place to recover is all she needs. (gasp....I'm actually saying give the antibiotics...)

    On the other hand, if it is a major wound that you don't have the resources (time, energy, vet money, etc) to deal with, it would be kinder to quickly end her suffering.

    Hugs to you whatever you decide!!
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  4. I cannot offer any advice since I am a newbie, just wanted to offer a word of support. Good luck.[​IMG]
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    I agree with Arlee, wash it well, take a look, then decide. It might not be as bad as you think, but could be worse. But checking it first will help you know you tried what you could.
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    You sound overwhelmed, Trish, and I understand. I think she can possibly pull through with the steps taken in the other maggot/chicken thread. However, I completely sympathize with the fact that you're stretched to your ends with everyone else. It sounds like you're an excellent chicken mama who is having an injured hen show up at the worst possible time. You may very well not have the time and energy to save this sweet chicken. If that's true, put her down quickly and don't beat yourself up. I am a die-hard animal lover and I would usually beg someone to keep trying, but I can see by what you've written here that you're maxed out. Whatever you decide will be the humane choice, I'm sure. Which ever way you decide to go, I support you. [​IMG]
  7. I know it's a very difficult decision. I agree with others..try to sit her in warm water and see just how bad it is. Moist wounds heal fairly quickly. Maggots are not necessarily a bad thing...they keep wound clean from necrotic tissue. AFter it's cleaned up you can spray it with something like Granulex to help it heal. Keep her separated, put some vitamins and electrolytes in her water. Once it's clean, you could probably clean it off and spray it once a day...shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes.

    Whatever you decide...know you are doing the best you can...[​IMG]
  8. Where are you in NW Fl. I am in Gainesville. If we're anywhere near close, I could help you out with her if you'd like.
  9. bionic_chicken

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    ^^^^^^What a nice offer![​IMG]
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