need help posting pic


8 Years
Aug 7, 2011
west virginia
I've spent the better part of myday searching questions and links to upload a photo and although I'm almost there, somethings missing..even my husband tried and if he can't post it something is wrong.
Here's what I got, the photo is on my page, in a thumbnail and image size...I have managed to find the upload page, and something called image code? although there is no actual code or number or anything (which is what I use to e mail photos-by adding that number) the problem seems to be when I copy the picture there is no where to paste to paste it to the site
If I am not at status to post a pic, why doesn't it tell me? I'd appreciate some help with this please...really it shouldn't be this difficult

bald k9

10 Years
Sep 5, 2009
Rural Edwardsville
if you have uploaded your pics to BYC then open up the upload page and select the pic you want by copying the bottom link thing then just paste it to the page you are typing on!

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