need help to figure which breed is right for me yet again

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  1. i need help yet again, here is a list of what i want in the breed:
    1 can be bought at a hatchery
    2 rare color or rare breed
    3 weird/unusal looks
    4 is accepted by the APA
    5 have at least 2 colors accpeted by the APA
    6 likes being held
    7 1 pair could live in a large dog crate
    8 is realy awesome! [​IMG]
    9 is standerd
    10 is ok with haveing cats around

    1,2,4,and 5 is needed
    if at least 6 of those above (basicly 2 more than 1,2,3,4, and 5) i will consider it
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    Aug 11, 2009
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    polish would fit the description, ours doesn't mind being held. how big of a crate ? most standards require a minimum of 2sq feet, personally I think they need more. I know I couldn't fit a pair of my std cochins in 4 sq feet.
  3. hmm, polish, considering......... YES! only if i can find a hatchery that will sell buff laced or silver laced at a hachery that will sell them in late July (besides cackle) the crate is about 4 by 4, i can fit in it and turn around (i have done that many times before)
  4. but maybe i could get some d'uccles, the're the breed that made me what i am today, last year i found this chicken called the millie fluer d'uccle, and i did all kinds of research and i got probubly 1/7 of all the chicken info i know today, so maybe i could get a rare color of those
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    I believe Ideal Poultry has both of those colors in polish. If you are looking for a breed that is "right" for you, why not start out with a wide assortment, and then you will be able to narrow it down based on your experience with them and which breeds appeal to you. Just a thought.

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