Need Help: Unusual Chick With No Butt!


Mar 12, 2020
Northern Maine
Hello all. I just hatched out a bunch of silkie mix chicks and we wound up with one that's really strange. It has NO BUTT! It has a vent, but no tail and it's back stops just past it's wings! There should be a good half inch more body there, but there isn't. It seems otherwise healthy. It's eating and drinking and pooping and cheaping. The issue is it's ability to walk. It tries, but without the weight of a butt to balance it out, it topples forward. Can anyone suggest ways I might be able to help it? (Please don't suggest I cull it. I want to help it live.) I'm going to post pics of the little one so you can see what I mean. The pics showing two chicks are the butt-challenged chick (on the right) and it's sibling which hatched the same night for comparison purposes. The circled area is where it's vent is. Please help if you can.
I'm sorry to say but that chick is not rumpless. It looks to have a deformity. The chick might not be furtle so be prepared for the possibility of getting no eggs if it is a hen. You might need to help it walk while it is young but the chick will most likely learn how to hold his weight just like how dogs that are missing a few legs learn how to walk.

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