Need help with my Two Ringneck doves?


Jun 12, 2016
Look, my male dove coos the normal average ringneck dove coo, while the other dove coos differently, the other one is suppose to be a female, but it hasn't laid any eggs at all. I was told that the female lays an egg once a month even if it hasn't mated? So whats happening, i had these since early January 2016??? i don't know what's up? Help please
you have two males do they claim a nest togather if so put a egg under them if you can find some dove eggs doves lay two eggs about 24 hours apart
2 males o.o aww, but their coos are soo different, i mean the other one coos like a female( he/she was courting like how the female ringneck dove court, with just the wings flickering up and down) and the other coos like a male ( which he courts by bowing his Head Up and down and flickering his wing and cooing)
And no, they don't have nest together, i put one in and they just left it there, they wasn't even interested in it, and I can't find any ringneck dove eggs anywhere???

Any more ideas or suggestions?
Sounds like you have 2 males.

The coo is different to each bird.. like our human voices.

2 doves the same sex will pair up if no other doves around.

One will take on the role of male, and the less dominant one will take on role of female.

Do you want more doves? You have the idea set up for a nice pair of pet doves, as you won't have to worry about too many babies!
Really o.o i thought that males have the average ringneck dove coo, and the female has the low coo??? i didn't know their calls are different from one another, :hmm wow, Also i do want to have lots of baby doves and grown ones, Thanks for the info
Just had another thought.

Can you divide their current cage into 2 halves? Put some chicken wire or metal mesh down the middle.. so they can still see each other and then eventually they might just accept each other without fighting.

I know once you put them in separate cages out of sight of each other there is no going back putting them together.
? They don't fight, they seem really close, and i don't think they need to be separated cause they always come out the cage and walk around together, sit down together and even sunbathe together.
It's just that I haven't seen any eggs laid in the cage(infertile eggs) so i guess they're both males...

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