May 5, 2020
I am including one quail egg at the moment as our hen stopped all of a sudden and she was only successful with one egg out of 12 so are not sure how far long it is But we saw quite a big chick when candling it and it was moving a lot so a day later we put it in lockdown because we guessed from how long they had been in the Avery that it was about 14 days but now it has been in lock down for 5 days and there is no sign of life we have not opened the incubator and the temperature has not changed but as it is a cheaper incubator it has no humidity thing where it shows how much humidity but multiple times i day I fill up the water tray that you can fill from the outside up with warm water I was just wondering how long I should leave the egg in the incubator and what has gone wrong ? Also it is a button quail

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