Need opionion on bantams being shipped from Ideal Poultry next week

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by cluck-cluck, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. cluck-cluck

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    Need quick opinions please:

    I'm ordering bantams from Ideal, to be shipped next week. They will come with unwanted peanuts unless I pay for insurance BUT I want to ask everyone's opinion as to how many bantams I should get in this weather to have the best chance of surviving. I currently have 8 ordered, I'd like to keep it as low as possible, but enough to ensure safe arrival. So, with this info:

    Next week weather in Cameron Texas ( Just North West of Houston) to San Fernando Vally (North West corner of Los Angeles) about 1500 miles?

    Weather in texas expected to be low 80's next week

    Weather here expected to be mid to high 80's

    *this of course doesn't include what they'll be subjected to in transit*

    How many more bantams should I order?

    Experienced buyers, I need your opinion! Thank you so much!!!
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  2. ChickenCanoe

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    Nov 23, 2010
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    80 degrees is about perfect for even a small bunch together in a box but it will be colder at night and the plane ride will be cold. I think 20 LF and 30 bantams is recommended but some places use heat packs in which case they'll ship as few as 4.
  3. cluck-cluck

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    Well, it's a quarter box... and I think 25 are what fit in there. I only have 8 on order and hoping 12 would do it, but it sounds like it still wouldn't be enough?
  4. Jenny1

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    Sep 22, 2008
    Unwanted peanuts?
  5. cluck-cluck

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    Yes, I'd love to have them if I had room and lived in the country. I have no problem with butchering, but this is the city and neighbors can see into most all my back yard so they or their children could become quite upset if I were to spend a day butchering a bunch of chickens in their view. It wouldn't be good! Plus, I really don't have the room to raise them.
  6. Jenny1

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    Sep 22, 2008
    Sorry, I just didn't understand... at first I thought you were talking about packing peanuts.... I totally understand not having room for more chicks.
  7. Queen of the chickens

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    Have you tried contacting Ideal? I think they would be able to advise you and I don't think they would pad the numbers. Or, is there anyone else in your area who would like to order, too? Maybe you could split a shipment of 30. Just a thought.
  8. gunnichick

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    I just ordered 10 girls from Ideal last week and we live in Gunnison Colorado. We had 8 boys in our shipment. We are going to raise them and then use them for meat when they get older. They definitely help with the warmth and they all huddle together to sleep. I had no idea how many were going to be shipped with my girls. You could probably email them. They were very helpful when I had questions.
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  9. cluck-cluck

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    Yup, gonna call em now and try to pad my order with more of what I ordered and hopefully they will arrive all right :D Thanks for the insight everyone!!!

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