Need pics of Silver laced Wyandottes


13 Years
Jul 22, 2009
Alapaha, Ga
I had some young hatchery SLWs coming up and I would like to see picks of other grown hatchery SLWs to get an idea of the quality they will be and how well the lacing looks. Now I wish I had waited and found some from a breeder who selects for color, lacing and type, not just numbers, but I already have them now, so we'll see. I would also like to see BQ and SQs if you have them. I saw pics of Katy's birds and they were beautiful.
These came from Privett's, in New Mexico. I bought 25 of them. Not only does the lacing and color intensity vary from bird to bird, so does the type and size. Like a box of chocolates; never know what your gonna get. Some of them don't look like they could possibly be related to each other. These are pictures of them at a fairly young age. Everybody is molting right now, so we'll see what they look like in a month, or so.
Thanks, mine came from Privett Hatchery too. I got them on July 1 and one or two of the pullets have really nice lacing, so have OK lacing and the others are just mostly black. I guess I'll keep them for one season and see how they do, then I will either find better quality ones, quit with SLWs alltogether, or maybe switch to Silver Penciled Rocks if I decide I have to have a silver breed.

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