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    Jul 29, 2009
    Hello,i rescued 2 baby bunnies a little over 5 mos.ago.Their momma and siblings died from extreme heat.They were only 2 weeks old.When they got older i took them to my vet(who treats rabbits)to check them over and was told they were both boys and could get them neutered at around 5 mos.I was also told by some one who breed meat rabbits that they were boys.So i took them to be fixed,and thats when the vet realized Trouble was a girl.Well this morning i woke up tp 4 babies.[​IMG] I am totally out of space and have nowhere to seperate her.Please if anyone knows of someone who could take Trouble and her babies i would really appreciate it.She is very socialized and bonded to people.Also she has been an indoor rabbit as long as i've had her.Some times i dont get notifications so please private message me if you can help.Thanks.
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    You may want to post this in the Free for Rehoming section in the Buy-Sell-Trade section, or in your state thread. Good luck.
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