Needing a cheap second incubator...


12 Years
Aug 30, 2007
I need a second incubator (really I do!), but i'm looking for a cheaper one. I have an R-COM20 that I love, but I can't afford a second and really want something larger or i'll be looking for a third soon. I am hopeless at electronics and don't want to risk something homemade. So far i've been looking at the Genesis, Tophatch, and Hovabator. The Lyon TX7 looks interesting too, since you don't have to open it to turn the eggs. I want something under $150 (not necessarily new), with a fan and turner. The styrofoam thing puts me off somewhat, they don't look very durable to me
Which would you recommend, or do you have any other suggestions? Thanks!
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You'd be surprised - the styrofoam ones hold up really well! I've had great hatches with the Hova-Bator 1602. In fact, since I have staggered hatches in the one I have now, I'm going to buy another, and use one as a bator and one as a hatcher. But don't tell dh.
I guess since they've been making them forever, and probably will forever more, if the styrofoam breaks you can always put the turner and fan in a new one. The thing that bothers me is that they don't look or feel like $120 worth of incubator! Has yours been good at maintaining temperature?
Yes, I haven't had trouble at all once I get it regulated before setting the eggs. I don't have the turner or the fan, so they run about $40 for what I use. I keep thinking I want a "better" more expensive bator, but it seems silly when this one is working great for me. KWIM?
Do you turn or prop up your bator? If you turn does your temps cool down fast?
I have a LG with out turner, last Sept we decided to be chickens and hatch eggs. It seems that I take to long turning so tonight I set 24 and am trying the prop method.
I have a yard full but since I bought the bator I think I need eggs in it.
I enjoy this forum, glad I found it.
I hand turn 2-3 times a day and usually candle them while I'm at it. It can take me 10-15 minutes sometimes and yes, it cools down. But then I pop the lid back on and it's back to the right temp again within another 8-10 minutes or so. Doesn't seem to affect anything. Remember, if momma was hatching them, the temp varies and the turning isn't regulated and she gets off of them to eat and drink - regardless of outside temps and weather... eggs are really pretty resilient as long as the extremes aren't TOO extreme.
I just couldn't bring myself to buy $100 worth of styrofoam. Surprisingly my husband went along with the idea of a second incubator (I think he must have been sick or done something I haven't found out about yet!), so I got myself an early birthday present... an Octagon 20 DX with autoturner and wet bulb thermometer! I've been manically tracking it since yesterday. It should be here by Tuesday. I just love Brinsea, I ordered it at 10am my time and it shipped at 11.30am!

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