Neighbors 5 roosters are constantly crowing... What should I do???


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Aug 15, 2009
I live on a quiet street with homes on 1/3 arce parcles. My neighbor has five Roos which crow all hours of the night, they also crow throughout the day. This is putting alot of stress on me as a can't get a good nights sleep. They crow maybe 25 feet from my bedroom window. There is no ordinance to prevent hens or roos in our area. I have 8 pullets so I am very tolerate to chickens, but this is out of control. How should I handle this situaton? What would you recommend? Any input is greatly appreciated.
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Well, the first thing to do is talk with the neighbor, not us. Tell them what's happening and ask if they will keep there roosters in a closed coop until daylight. Roosters crow all night when something like a threat or a light keeps them up. Mine have been known to crow when a car drives by and they see the headlights. Streetlights are also a problem.

The neighbors probably don't realize how loud it is on your side, perhaps they could move the roos to the other side?

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I agree, talk with the neighbor to make them aware of your issues with the roosters. Find out their plans for these birds, are they growing them for the table? Let's hope so! Perhaps they could at least confine them overnight so everyone's sleep isn't disrupted. Some folks have success keeping their roos in small dark boxes until a decent hour of the morning, they crow much less that way.
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Aug 15, 2009
I will be talking with them. My feeling is they are aware of the noise but just don't care. They are not putting the roos in a coop a night, believe they roost in a tree, so the enclosed dark space may help. I wanted to post in this forum first as a sounding board prior to my talk with them.


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Apr 27, 2009
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Sometimes when the neighbors dogs are barking a lot I turn a fan on in my room, if its warm enough outside, put a box fan in the window pointing outside and turn it on, it obviously won't block all the noise, but sometimes creates enough constant noise that I can get to sleep.


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Mar 16, 2009
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i'm pretty sure that with 5 of them you could call the police and have it taken care of. its just like how people can't have music up real loud at 3 in the morning. yes they are allowed to have the roosters and people can have parties but it can only be allowed to go so far


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I honestly and sincerely empathize with you. Until about two months ago (maybe less) my rooster was right outside my window withing 50 feet at all times. This character crowed from sunup to sundown, 24/7, and I am not exaggerating when I say that I was down to one thin nerve left in my body. My wife and I finally finished an area in the barn where he could stay while we worked on the rest of the barn project that we finished this week. I called his 4x10 area a cell for the criminally insane. Can't really imagine what you're going through with five like that. GOOD LUCK! Wish I could do more, but...


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Sometimes, with neighbors, a kind act can go a long way and a situation handled wrongly can be the cause of a long-term problem. I would figure out a way to discuss both of your chickens and verbally notice the excessive amounts of roosters and see if you can get his/her opinion or input and then perhaps offer to assist with the slaughter and cleaning, pointing out that there would be less fighting, less need for feed, more fertility and LESS NOISE in their coop. If they are skittish about the killing and cleaning, perhaps you can suggest they sell them. In my area, certain cultures like fresh mean only and never purchase store bought meats.


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