Neighbors 5 roosters are constantly crowing... What should I do???

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by chicks4life, Oct 10, 2009.

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    Nov 10, 2008
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    I agree with being diplomatic but be careful about suggesting eating the roos. Find out first if they are pets. People who keep their chickens as pets can be very touchy about the suggestion of eating them. For people like that, suggesting they eat their roo would be like someone telling you to eat your dog or cat. It sounds like you are in a neighborhood, not in a farming type area. Your best bet may be to offer to help build a coop for the roos, although getting them to use a coop might be difficult since they are used to roosting in a tree. If you are lucky and they aren't pets then by all means, discuss eating them, but tread carefully.

    Try catching your neighbor when they are out in the yard. Remark about their chickens, something complimentary first. Strike up a discussion about the chicken fancy you share. Ask about the roosters, why so many? At this point if they mention eating them, go with it. If they are pets and there is no chance they are being processed, find an opening to mention the crowing (maybe something like "I never realized that roosters crowed so much, they can really keep you up at night, huh?"). See where that goes. Explain to them that you need more sleep and you would like to find a way to do that so everyone is happy. Offer advice on how they might be better kept quiet. Offer to help with the building of some appropriate housing for them.
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    Wow, I really feel for you, your stuck between a wall and the roosters for sure.. I know you mentioned, that yuor neighbours may be hard to talk to but try... You never know, they may have a too many roos, by mistake.. I know I but my (meat chicks) unsexed cause it weas cheaper... Never really knew the differnece between male and femlae... Maybe them too, untill it was too late.. Don't roos make a really good soup?? You could offer him a recipe to do a nice homemade soup.. You could always tell then it was your Grandma's secret roo recipe.. Or you could tell him, that's it's not fair to have so many roo's with so few hen... hmm wait, that may not work, cause he might just get more hens..
    Let us know how you make out...
    Maybe you could give him this link, to BYC and let him read about it
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    I have used a recording of an owl to bring them in to photograph. Perhaps you could bring them in for another reason. [​IMG]

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