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Jun 23, 2016
I have a flock of 1 rooster and 5 hens. We never let the hens Freerange as my mother doesn’t want them to. However we let our rooster freerange bvside Mom doesn’t want him with the hens. He has been put up all winter due to foxes not havubg enough food and hunting during the day. Anyways it’s almost spring and we are about to let him back out. Since we have had him up we will let the hens out with him now. The only problem is my neighbors chickens keep coming on our property. Our property is a 5 acre lot and the chickens coop is 3 acres back from the road. Sometimes the rooster will follow me up to the house about 2 acres back from the road. He will sit in our porch or our window or sometimes come in the garage we don’t mind. But the neighbors hens and roosters have started crossing the road and wondering into our property to get bugs out of our ditch. I am afraid my chickens will see theirs and chase them and either get hit by a car or fight them and get injured. Our rooster has free ranged for 2 years and theirs have for 3 and this has never been a problem but they just started coming to our property. What should I do??
I would think the first and best thing to do would be to speak to your neighbours and tell them your concerns. They may not want their chickens getting run over either! If your hens are staying on your property then it's not really your problem to fence yours in. Your chickens will probably chase your neighbours hens away as it is their territory.
I agree talk to your neighbour hopefully they will be nice and keep their chickens on their own land. I personally have to deal with my own getting over our fence into our neighbours yard but he has no animals.. just loads of weeds our chicken likes so I normally give him eggs in turn to let them nibble a little on the weeds by way of sorry and thanks.
Naser I like that

Fences are only a start, one of near neighbors lets their birds run free, the rooster is coming into my fenced yard. I go chase him out, and another has stated running him out of their yard as well. Here a raccoon will soon fix the issue,,,
Thank you everyone for your responses! I have about a month to figure the situation out. The neighbors said they can’t keep the chickens on their property as “they go where they want and they can’t be contained to the property” I might try the nesting box idea! It wouldn’t be a huge issue if the neighbors didn’t have other roosters. We have let our rooster roam for 2 years as I said and their chicken had never came in our yard til this winter. I’m afraid there will be a fight or my rooster will chase theirs and get hit. Their chickens keep coming further and further into our yard Any more ideas are welcome!

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