New Addition - pregnant pig?


Jul 14, 2016
Hi there, just got home from a week at our cottage. To our surprise there was a pig hanging out in our backyard. She was sun bathing right in front of the chicken coop. Our neighbour says she's been around all week. He just assumed I was making the transition from crazy chicken lady to crazy pig lady :)

Ok let's get to the point. Is she pregnant? I'm not very familiar with pigs but she seems rather slim, however that belly is hanging pretty low. Her teats seem pretty prominent to me. I read about the pregnancy indicator below the tail. Hers is pointing down. I'm just not sure if it is possible to be pointing down and still be pregnant. I just find it challenging to assess as I don't know her baseline... Any help would be appreciated.

Can you get a picture of her butt and teats.

If she is pregnant make sure you have the adequate setup.
Pigs are notorious for squishing piglets on accident
Sure I can do that... Here are some additional pictures. Upon examining Ms. Penny today it seems that things are less prominent now. She looked more swollen than earlier this week. Her teats seem smaller to me. So perhaps she had piglets and then the owner dumped her.

She doesn't look dilated. Her teats aren't that big.
You are probably right on the owner dumping them or something
She doesnt look pregnant to me.
Have you tried to see if someone has lost her?
I wouldnt assume someone dumped her. It may be the case for sure but pigs are good at getting loose, wondering off and then not finding there way back.
Yes we've made some found pig posters and put the word out in our area and online... However I'm not overly hopeful that anyone will claim her. We are a far way from anyone. My road is known as the area to dump your unwanted pets. Mostly cats and dogs but this is a first for a pig. She's been around for more than a week. We caught her on some of our trail cameras more than 2 weeks ago. She's been doing well taking care of herself but there is a big bear hanging around and we are pretty predator heavy out here. So she is in our bomb proof chicken run for now. We will build her a pig condo if no one claims her but I don't want to invest too much at this point.

Also I purchased grower pig feed, is this suitable for her? I'm assuming she is a pot belly pig, would grower feed be too much for her?
She's not pregnant
if so she'd have larger teats and if she was soon to give birth in a week or a couple of days they would be hanging
I don't know anything about pigs but I do know that is one cute pig. Bless your heart for taking her in and feeding her and keeping her safe.
Oh good, I'm glad she is not pregnant. Not something I am prepared to deal with or want to at this point.

She is very cute and seems friendly. She just hasn't worked up the courage to come closer than a foot away.

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