New babies from Meyer's.. Need help with one.

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    Mar 25, 2007
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    I got my chicks from Meyer Hatchery this morning, 36 sex-link pullets & 1 Roo (some are my neighbors), 3 Jersery Giants & SLW. One of the sex-links, is just a tiny little thing, and her rear had major pasty butt!! In fact I think the others were picking at it, because there is hardly any fluff on her backside. She is also rather lethargic. I cleaned her up and she has had some sugar water and will drink when I dip her beak, but she won't eat. I have her wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket and I am holding her, because the others are running around like mad men and trampling her. She has pooped, in fact she had a rather large one in my hand, yipee:/. What else should I be doing for her??

    The roo was kind of lethargic too, but after some sugar water he is running around, like a crazy one to. The others arrived perfect, and healthy. I really like Meyer's. This is the 2nd time we have ordered from them and haven't lost one.

    Thanks for your help!!

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