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Jun 17, 2010
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One of my hens hatched chicks about 5 days ago but she hatched them in a pretty high nesting box in the coop. How will the chicks get food and water or ever get down from the box? I'm afraid that if I move her to a lower box she'll leave the chicks. I'm new at this so any suggestions would be great.
Wow, 5 days ago? Those kids need food and water now. i would move her immediately. Personally, i separate my broodies and their clutch from the rest of the flock. But others don't, and the mother hen will generally protect her chicks. Some moms don't, though, so you have to make a decision based on your situation. In any case, 5 days is too long for chicks to go without food and water.
Oh, no I have been giving them food and water in the nesting box so they are perfectly healthy but I was looking for a more permanent solution. I guess I will try moving her closer to the ground then.
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I have a broody pen right in the coop yard with the rest of the chickens. I keep the door closed until the babies are eating on their own, about 3 weeks. Then I take mama and put her back in with her "siblings"....when the babies are about 6 weeks old, I put an old compost form around the brooding pen and let them out. They are visible to the other chickens but are not able to get out of the coop's lattice board side. When they are much bigger, they'll go out with all of the other chickens.
Phew! Okay, glad to hear it. i wasn't sure by your first post.
Phew! Okay, glad to hear it. i wasn't sure by your first post.

Hahaha that's alright! Thanks for the help...moving them lower worked out good and they seem to be eating by themselves and mama is staying with them.

Barb: That sounds like a really good setup for your chickens! My mama hen seems to be doing the job for protecting the chicks from the other chickens (since there are only two chicks) but if a problem appears I will definately consider doing something similar to what you do! Thanks

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