New chick pecking at older chick?! What do I do?


12 Years
Mar 26, 2008
Orange county NY
I have 3 black australop (sp) who get along fine and are nice quiet birds. They're about 4 weeks old.

I brought home 10 chicks of various breeds today. I bought anew heatlamp for these, but the bulb blew, and I had to put all the chicks together. The austs which are about 4 times the size of the younger chicks ended up being kind of herded into a corner by this tough little rhode island red!

All these chicks make small chirpy sounds, but the RIR is LOUD...

After the third separate time I watched him walk up the aust and peck HER (in the eye!), I separated him - into a tiny box inside the brooder. He screamed bloody murder. I finally got the heatlamp working, and I took the big 3 out, and replaced the RIR with the rest of the chicks. He quieted down, and went on with his life.

Im now noticing alittle pecking- none facial- and an aggressiveness toward food- even though there are other spaces at the feeder, is pushing th eother chicks out of the way to get at a certain hole. The other RIR doesn't seem as aggressive, but he is walking around on the feeder- kind of pushing everyone away from the food....

WHAT do I do?? If I separate him, he'll raise sand... will he be okay? If I leave him w/ the other chicks is he goign to put an eye out or kill one of them??? Shoudl I take him back to the feed store??

BTW these are ALL supposed to be girls, but i have an untrained gut feeling that she's a he.....


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