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    Mar 26, 2018
    I went out to check my babies and when i picked up my favorite 5 ish week old buff orpington, most likely pullet, and her toe nail was bleeding. The end had been injured, not sure how. She wasnt walking abnormally or favoring it, but it was tender. I cleaned it and put a little ointmemt on it to protect it but i didnt clip the nail off. My question is, should i have clipped it off. I checked her a little while ago, about 2 hours after i first found it and it had stopped bleeding. Im sure im overreacting, but i love my chickens like crazy, way more than i thought i would lol. Pics added.

    20180405_163353.jpg 20180405_163425.jpg 20180405_163408.jpg
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    I think you did a good job. As long as it's not bleeding it will be fine.
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